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Sandgerði is a small fishing village on the Reykjanes Peninsula positioned on the northernmost tip. From there it is possible to schedule whale watching, deep sea angling, bird-watching, golfing and seeing historicaly significant places or just go swimming

Sandgerði is home to the family festival Sandgerðisdagar, which can be directly translated to english as "Sandgerdi's days".

Sandgerdi is one of the country's major fishing communities. Rich fishing-grounds are found just off the coast of Sandgerdi. One can go visit Sudurnes Science and Learning center. The center has two exciting exhibitions on nature and research. 

Sandgerði is the perfect place to experience Icelandic fish as it has to offer top notch sea-food restaurants, like Vitinn.

A newly constructed road offers the travellers to take a round trip aroun the whole coast passing the Hvalsnes church, Stafsnes village and onwards to the Hafnir village.

Sandgerdi is about 10 minutes driving away Keflavik. We reccomend you pay Sandgerdi a visit on your tour around the Reykjane Peninsula. It is very easily accessible by car

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From there it is possible to schedule whale watching, deep sea angling and more