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Blue Lagoon

This Geotherml spa is Iceland's most famous attraction. Having generated an impeccable reputation around the world as one of the wonders of the world and one of the best 10 spas in the world. It annually generates over 600.000 visitors giving each and everyone a memorable experience and professional service.

The Lagoon is surprisingly warm (37-39 celcius) all year long. The lagoon is man made and is filled with  blue colored mineral water which is full of silica and sulfur, and is known for treating bad skin conditions. The water   is renewed every two days and pumped from the ground up.

This wonderful spa is positioned on the Reykjanes peninsula, with Hotel Keflavik being one of the closest fully operational hotel to the Lagoon. The Reykjanes' volcanic landscape gives the trip to the Blue Lagoon an incredible touch as you will feel like you're driving on the moon as you pass the turn to the Lagoon.

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We are the one of the closest fully operational hotel to the Blue Lagoon. Driving from the Hotel Keflavik to the Blue Lagoon is only 15 minutes. We have an enormous amount of experience of transporting our guests to and from the Lagoon. We offer our guests frequent coach trips, organize taxis and we'll even have rental cars delivered to our doorsteps for you free of charge. We know that the Blue Lagoon is a must visit attraction while visiting Iceland, therefor we try to make their trip as convenient and easy as we can.





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Blue Lagoon

When visiting this magnificent place, choosing the right place to stay can lift up your experience to another level.

The Blue Lagoon is Iceland's most popular and most sought after attraction, and for a reason. It is really a unique experience where you soak in a hot natural pool in the almost lunar landscape of the Reykjanes Peninsula.