Close to the Airport

Hotel Keflavik is
only 5 minutes
from the Airport

Hotel Keflavik is only 5 minutes from the airport and located in the heart of downtown Keflavik. Hotel Keflavik is also known as the Keflavik Airport Hotel because it was the first hotel in Keflavik that ever provided services for travelers to and from the Keflavik International Airport. The location of Hotel Keflavik allows guests to start and end their trip to Iceland in the uniquely beautiful Reykjanes Peninsula. The amenities offered at Hotel Keflavik are intended to make your stay at the hotel - as well as your arrival and departure to Iceland- convenient, comfortable and affordable.

Some of the largest benefits of staying at Hotel Keflavik is our proximity to the airport and early breakfast.

How far is Hotel Keflavik from the Airport?


All guests of Hotel Keflavik receive one-way complimentary airport taxi services from the Hotel to the airport. We offer this to help make your stay affordable and convenient. Contact us to order your travel arrangements. 




At Hotel Keflavik you´ll receive a complimentary continental breakfast that is served between 5:00-10:00am. Don't worry if you have to depart for an early flight because we can arrange something upon request. Our breakfast buffet has received a lot of praise from many of our guests as it offers a fresh variety of Icelandic ingredients and is catered by friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff.